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Friday, 9 February 2018

Tata wants to make passenger vehicle factories in Bangladesh

India's Uttar Pradesh's Greater Noida is now running 'Auto Expo: The Motors Show 2015' car show. Talks with Suhana Roy Prothom Alo, head of the international business department of Tataer Passenger Paribahan, India's leading car maker. Faruk Hossain took his interview

After the commercial merchandise transport, the company wants to build a strong position in the passenger vehicle market in Bangladesh, Tata Motors, one of the largest automakers in the country. For this, the Indian company is planning to set up a factory for passenger transport in Bangladesh.

Talking about the company's plans for talks with Suhana Roy Prothom Alo, head of the international business department of Tataer Passenger Transport. Regarding the plan to set up a passenger transport factory in Bangladesh, he said, the matter is now in the probability of a probability. Toyota Motors chairman Mayank Purke visited Dhaka last December to discuss the issue.

The Tattar said, "Now we want to take control of the passenger transport market in Bangladesh. To this end, we are moving ahead with a plan to set up a factory. But the factory in Bangladesh, but the parts will be removed from India. Even if there are factories, the car can also be transported from India to the northeast market.

Sujon Roy talks about his pavilion in the exhibition titled '14th Auto Expo: The motor show 20158' in Greater Noida, India, in Uttar Pradesh. Tatra, the official said that Tata is selling 50 passenger vehicles in Bangladesh every month now. Each price is an average of Tk 20 lakh. Tata is currently third in the passenger transport sales in Bangladesh. They supply 20 percent of the total demand in this country. But it is growing rapidly, an average of 17 percent a year.

The exhibition was officially inaugurated on Thursday, till February 14. Over 100 companies have participated in local companies and multinational corporations that have factories in India. The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (Siam) organized it two years later.

Sujon Roy said in the first light, "We are ahead in the sale of merchandise commercial transport in Bangladesh market." He said that now Tata is a factory in Jessore, which has a small truck attached to it.
There are no factories in the seven states of Northeastern India, where there are no factories in seven states. For this reason, it is very difficult to provide transportation to those seven states in comparison to other states of India. So, if you can do a factory in Bangladesh, Sujon Roy thinks that it will be easy for the market to take more control of Bangladesh and northeast India.

Sujon Roy's observation about Bangladesh market is that large sections of the population here are young. They need their cars. Their capacity is increasing due to socio-economic progress. Therefore, the demand for passenger vehicles in Bangladesh is increasing rapidly.

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