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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Khaleda Zia six point!

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia on Saturday in the city's La Meridian.

In 1966, the six points given by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman were the liberation of the Bengali people. The movement has been organized at Chahesatti in the center of the six phases. The Ayub government has suppressed opposition leaders to suppress the movement. All the central leaders including Bangabandhu have been sent to jail. Agartala conspiracy case filed But by ignoring the ruling party's blood sight, the Bengalis first got the right to vote. After the Pakistani rulers tried to snatch that right, the Bengali people would stand against it, whose inevitable consequences were our liberation war and independence.

Khaleda Zia also raised six issues to participate in the Eleventh election at the meeting of BNP national executive committee in the city's La La Meridian on Saturday. Khaleda Zia's six points:

1. Must be voted under a neutral-neutral government

2. People have to create an environment to come to the polling station

3. Before the vote, the parliament will have to be broken

4. Election Commission must work to maintain neutrality

5. The army must be deployed during the vote, the army will act as a mobile force

6. EVM / DVM cannot be used for voting in the machine.

First of all, it is good to acknowledge that in the year 1966 Bangabandhu has six comparisons of the Six Chapters made by the BNP Chairperson has no comparisons. The context and purpose of the two are different. Bangabandhu declared the six-point charter for obtaining the right to the Bengalis, which ultimately led the country towards independence.

And Khaleda Zia's six points or condition to make the next election free and fair. Some of the leaders of the BNP have been supportive of the six-point in the sixties, but now they do not say it in the jorgala. Yet they gave six points to the goal of free and fair elections. Perhaps the BNP leaders did not speak in the face but reminded the government about the 6-point Bangabandhu issue and said that it would have to accept the fair demand.

Now let us see six issues declared by Khaleda Zia this time. Perhaps the ruling Awami League and its allies will not object to the three of these six phases. These people will have to create an environment to come to the polling station respectively. The Election Commission must work neutrally and deploy the army during the vote.

The army is deployed in every national election. The government team is not opposing it. The question is whether they will help the law enforcement agencies, or will they perform the same responsibilities as the law enforcers? The army was given equal responsibility in the 2001 election. Later, the law was abolished. But if the Election Commission still wants, it can summon the army with the help of law enforcement agencies. I do not see a big difference here.

But the BNP leader has given three points, the non-partisan neutral government, and the constitution to be broken before voting, the constitution must be changed. There is no BNP in the present parliament. Therefore, there is no scope for their role in changing the constitution. And the ruling party has already informed that under the current constitution, the government of Sheikh Hasina will have to hold elections in power. According to the constitution, the parliament will continue to hold elections. Because elections are held for the five-year parliamentary term.

Khaleda Zia has already made it clear that EVM / DVM cannot be used, the Election Commission has already cleared it. They said that for technical reasons, EVMs cannot be used in the next election.

We can not deny technology. But the politics of Bangladesh is a bit odd one. Because the Awami League government has proposed the EVM, they are opposing the BNP. Even if BNP gave the same proposal, maybe Awami League would also oppose it. Because of mutual mistrust, once they have a caretaker government. Once again the system was canceled.

But along with these six points, the BNP Chairperson said that the party leaders and workers are very important, it is very important. He said, keeping ahead of the elections so that the government cannot be trapped by them, they have to be aware of. He also said, 'Wherever I live, I am with you. I do not have the guts to scare me. I am with the leader of the party and the people of this country. "At the same time, he urged the leaders of the party to create peaceful resistance-protest and said, 'Wherever I live, I am with you. I could not resist by showing any fear, nor could I. I am with the leaders and workers of the party, I am with the people of the country. "

Bangabandhu's six points gave the autonomy and independence of Bengalis. We will have to wait a few more days to see if Khaleda Zia will be able to establish the right to vote.

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