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Sunday, 4 February 2018

The biggest scam in a single person's loan

More than 5 thousand crore loan to one customer

# Nearly twice the capital out of the rule.

# Approval at the time of former chairman Abul Barakat.

# Janata Bank's total capital of Taka 979 crore

# There is a chance to loan up to 25 percent of the capital.

# A customer cannot get loan of more than $ 750 million

# Janata Bank has distributed debt generously. Only 6 years ago, they gave a loan of Rs 5,504 crore to a customer and loan facilities. Not only in terms of rules and regulations, banks are also unable to repay the debt in #Banger.

Janata Bank's total capital of Tk 2,979 crore There is a chance to loan up to 25 percent of the capital. That is, one customer cannot get the loan of more than Rs 750 crore. It has been almost twice as big as the capital.

Those responsible for taking care of the bank, the board of directors appointed by the government did this dangerous job. After Hall-Mark and Basic Bank scam, it is another great example of the terrible curb on common man's deposits in mutual funds, bankers said. They say this is the single biggest scam of debt

This money was given at the time of Professor Abul Barkat of Economics Department of Dhaka University. He was the Chairman of the Janata Bank from 9th September 2009 to 5 years. At that time, the ex-BCL leader Balram Poddar, former Awami League deputy general secretary Nagibul Islam alias Dipu, and Tangail's Kalihati constituency leader Jubo League leader Abu Naser said.

 It is also known in the investigation that Janata Bank's interest in lending was more than that. The decision of the council has been repeatedly given In particular, from 2010 to 2015, the loan was given to Khilkhushimo.

The bank is a generous recipient of Annette Group. The main person behind this is Md. Yunus (Badal). He is the Managing Director of the Group (MD). All the loans were taken in the name of 22 organizations of his interest. His main business is to manufacture textiles and export garments.

 Former Chief Secretary of the Prime Minister's Office, Sheikh Md, was held in the last three years as Chairman of Janata Bank. Wahid-uz-Zaman His term expired on December 7. In the first light, he said, "They wanted more loan in the name of different organizations, I did not give it. That's why I became their enemy. And almost all of the loans are given to the previous chairman (Abul Barakat). '

Former and current bankers of Janata Bank have also made the same complaint. Even those who keep track of the financial sector in Bangladesh know that they have given so much money to a customer. They even named Abul Barakat as his patron.

Professor Abul Barkat said in the first light, 'His (Younus Badal) institutions are very good. OK to pay. The documents of the organizations are not named by one person. That's why he got so much loan.

However, it has been learned from the findings that many of the borrowing companies are from Endnotes Group. The rest of them Yunus' interests It is also in the documents of Janata Bank's current board. That is why Janata Bank is very worried about this loan.

Md. Yunus (Badal) was talked with last Wednesday, at the Prothom-Alo office. He also said that 22 institutions have been built with full money. All of the factories are of international standard.

According to Janata Bank sources, since 004, the first banking facility of Shantinagar branch of Janata Bank took advantage of the Junker sweater of Annette Group. The loan was transferred to Janata Bhavan's corporate branch in 2008 because the branch did not have the ability to lend more money. Since 2010, new facilities have been started to open credit facilities. The Janata Bank branch has lost all the capability to provide new loans for giving so much money to a person's proprietary organization.

Earlier, the group of Hall-Mark named Sonali Bank, Ruposhi Bangla (now Hotel Intercontinental), out of the group, has collected around 3 billion crores in 2011. The Sonali Bank could not raise the head yet.

Ahmed Shahanur Rahman was appointed as manager of Janata Bhaban Corporate Branch from March 28, 2017. He said in the first light, 'All branches of the branch's debt ceased. Now I'm just running behind the recovery.

Salahuddin Ahmed, former governor of Bangladesh Bank, told first light that under the law, more than 25 percent of the capital cannot be given to one group. If there is a lot of debt then there is a big risk for the bank. It is to be seen, whether these financing has been ensured by the risk management. Why a customer was given so much money, the central bank could thoroughly investigate the whole issue.

The way the bank gave credit

After more information and data analysis of the Janata Bank, it was known that the money was not paid in the name of the companies, but the loan was opened for import of raw materials. On behalf of the institutions, the bank itself is forced to pay the money to the foreign exporting company. After the customer did not pay it. In this way, all means of non-funded debt (funded) have become funded. Again, the current capital (CC loan) taken for the business of daily business did not return.

In 2015, the central bank has approved the reconstruction of the Bennett Group's Taka 9770 crore. In September last year, the Janata Bank decided to give special benefits to the group because of not paying the restructured loan installment. This facility means that, firstly, only the installment will be paid. The issue was not stopped by the approval of the central bank. However, the bank's board of directors has reinstated these loans without silence.

Since 2008

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