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Friday, 9 February 2018

The only prisoner in solitary prison

Large gates in front of high red walls. The main gate has to be crossed after reaching the gate, another more arcade. Within this range, the administrative building of the jail at Nazimuddin Road, Dhaka. The building was earlier built by the jail administrators of Sargram. BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has left the abandoned jail in this building today.

 All the prisoners of this old central prison in Dhaka were taken to the new prison on 29 July 2016 in Keraniganj. Since then, seven thousand detainees' detention prisoners were empty. The government took initiatives to set up 17 acres of museums, entertainment centers and open spaces in this place. The Khaleda Zia was jailed and kept in the prison. Khaleda Zia is the only prisoner of this prison.

 Preparations were going on for several days, where Zia Orphanage Trust will be placed in the corruption case, where Khaleda Zia will be kept. At first, it was thought that she will be kept in Kashimpur Central Women's Prison (Kashimpur-3). However, bringing from Kasimpur to Dhaka court is very risky. Then it is thought that the old central jail of Nazimuddin Road is about to be held.

Najimuddin started the road after the decision was made to wash the houses. After the main gate, the room where the prison supervisor used to sit, the house was arranged for Khaleda Zia. Bed and other items were brought in a big room, including bathrooms, a day earlier. Khaleda Zia will get these benefits as Divisional Detainee.

 Dhaka Division's Deputy Inspector General Touhidul Islam said the first light, according to the jail code, all the benefits of first-class prisoners are given to him.

 According to sources, the benefits of first-class prisoners in prisons include beds, mosquito nets, chair-tables, a daily newspaper and a workman. Apart from this, he will get food according to jail code. Khaleda's lawyer has applied for a domestic worker. However, the prison is still not ordered. A lawyer for Khaleda Zia said that a domestic worker is with Khaleda.

Khaleda was taken to jail at two o'clock. After coming here, a women doctor examined Khaleda Zia's health. Prison authorities say Khaleda Zia's pressure is OK. There is no major health problem in his health. He is doing the normal diet.

 The sources said, there will be two deputy jails in this prison. Within a woman's deputy district jail, another man will be out of the deputy district. There will always be a doctor. Some of the skilled and old prison guards have been entrusted to carry out duties within the prison. Before Khaleda was taken to jail, she was brought here in the morning. While coming to the court from the house, Khaleda picked up his luggage with seven small bags in the bag. All these were given to him.

Security has been tightened around the prison since the announcement of the verdict. Police closed all the roads around. In front of the main gate, no one was allowed to climb.

 Khaleda Zia's second inmate in 36 years of political life. Earlier, on 3 September 2007, he was arrested during the previous caretaker government. He was kept in a special jail in the Parliament Building area. On September 11, 2008, he was released by the High Court order. Earlier, during the anti-Ershad movement, he was arrested on November 28, 1983, on November 3, 1984, on 11 May 1987. In the meantime, the police arrested the first two people and brought him to the house. In 1987, he was arrested for some time with Motijheel Police Station, along with some other leaders, from a ceremony held at Hotel Purbani. During the anti-Ershad movement, he had to remain under house arrest in 'undeclared' manner. But it was not lawful. During the current ruling Awami League, on December 29, 2013, Gulshan was locked in his house. And on 5 January 2015, he was blocked by the sand truck on both sides of Gulshan's office. 93 days were blocked there. 

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