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Saturday, 17 February 2018

'I would have been waiting for Salman Khan's path'

'Shawl' from the serial 'Bhabi'. How are you enjoying this tour?

Looks good. So long as everyone knows me as a TV serial 'Bhabi Ji Ghar Pay Hai'. Now I know my own name. We were taken to our mall once during the 'Big Boss 11' walk. There everyone shouted 'Shilpa' 'Shilpa'. It felt great. I came back and cried out. So long as I was in prison in the character of the serial. Nobody knew me in my name. Come back to the 'Big Boss' house to revive me.

Why is that so?
If the Daily Soaps do not create their own identity. Our names are not shown in cereals. So I did not turn back to the TV serial. I do not want to limit myself to characters. All of us now know the name of me, I want to hold that. In the past few days many offers have come, I returned it. But that's right, which is what I have today, behind it consistently contributing series.

What to do next day?
I want to make a stand-up comedy show like Kapil Sharma, Bharti, Annu Kapoor, Shekhar Suman. There is a desire to perform 'talk show'. Want to make movies Even thinking of doing a web series with a few.

Want to take part in the reality show like 'Jhalak Dakhla Joe', 'Fear Factor'?
I do not believe in a reality show. Many people say that such a reality is known in the name of the show itself. Actually, I wanted to take part in a reality show that created history. That's exactly what happened. The offer was already received from 'Jhalk Dikhla Jahan'. But when Akshay Kumar used to perform 'Fear Factor', it would have been nice to see him. I want to do something out of 'Bigg Boss' house, which will overtake my previous history.

You could have seen more time in the kitchen in the Big Boss House. Want to perform 'cookie show'?
We have not received any offers yet. If you get such a proposal, then definitely we will. I love to cook and feed everyone. I love to eat myself.

Did the 'Big Boss' contest as a weapon in the competition?
I have heard a lot about it in the Big Bash house. I am mindful of eating good food for everyone or me. I love the audience. But there were a lot of cooks in previous episodes of 'Big Boss'. Then why did not they win?

Who has lost much of your cooking spell?
Everyone liked to eat my cooked food. But Poona Sharma was more fanatic of my cooking. Even after coming out of the 'Bigg Boss' House, the Pantie made an objection to eating my cooked meal. But the house was fun, everyone praised my cooking together. Again my reproach made everyone together. But in the 'Big Boss' house, many people cook well without me.

In the 'Big Boss' house, the art that everyone has seen, in reality, you are?
So that's exactly My smile, tears, arrogance, quarrels, everything is real. Because there is no chance of acting in 'Big Boss' House. Ananda, the casting director of 'Big Boss', told me to come first to my house. She is from the first episode of 'Big Boss'. About two hundred cameras have been followed in this house. So there was no place for falsehood. And I thought, whatever I am, I'll be in the Big Bash's house. And Joy also said Salman sees each episode himself. What he says on the screen are his own words. Nothing is according to the script. Salman has never been told from 'Big Boss' that say good about such a thing, and say bad about such a thing.

What is the biggest 'Big Bash' missing house?
many things. On that day I told my brother, 'Bigg Boss' house is no more. That was a set. Surely, it has broken up in those days. The water came to the eye. I want to go very much in that house. The sofa, the bed, the kitchen, and the house of Bigg Boss' house with Salman's house, we miss every corner. And I miss the voice of Bigg Boss 'Biggest Boss' The strange magic is the voice!

And who misses more?
Of course, Salman Khan! Every Saturday sat for Salman's way in the 'Big Boss' house.

What was the job of the day with Salman?
Great In the dream I will be on the same screen with Salman. He is a man of great mind. Every Saturday we got lots of food from Salman's house. She is a royal arrangement. But I used to feel that the love for Salman's house 'Dabba' was filled with love. With the Jabba's food, his family's love would be united.

What did the 'Big Boss' come out of the house first?
I was in a hurry. What is happening, what is happening - nothing can be understood. Many interviewed. Looks like everything has forgotten. Even how to run your mobile phone, too. In fact, for three and a half months I was stunned by the strange troubles of being detained.

What did you get out of this pain?
Did nothing But my fans are very cooperative. They have filled me with their infinite love. We received lots of gifts from the fans. Still got their love letter.

Has any gift touched the heart?
All gifts are valuable to me. But I have to talk about one of my fans. On Twitter, I have more fans, pictures of them and their collections. After that, my trophy took pictures of those fan pictures with the photo of my trophy and presented it to me in the same frame. Such a gift was given to the big stars. After reading their love letters, water came to my eyes. I cried so much in these letters, I did not cry so much in the 'Big Boss' House.

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