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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Barakat finishes bank: finance minister

Janata Bank has also cleared the country's biggest scam in lending to a customer, along with the clever way. In order to show less de
bt, the banks mentioned these institutions as three separate groups in their annual annual report. The disguised mischief was taken to hide the information of more than one loan to the customer by breaking the rules.

In the report given to the central bank, the public sector bank has shown the loan of Tk 5 billion as three separate groups. Janata Bank There is no question yet about the central bank too. The analysis of the bank's annual report and the central bank sources confirmed that the Prothom-alo.

But due to the increase, the board of directors of the bank is now considering the loan of more than Tk 5 billion in 22 institutions as the affiliate of a single group. In the name of these organizations, there are many people, but the real beneficiary Jonah (Badal) alone And his name is Ennetx. And the credit scandal began in the time of the former chairman of the bank Abul Barakat.

An investigation report was published in the first light on Monday, titled 'The biggest scam in single person loans'. After more inquiries about this, information about the scam of the Janmat Bank under the public information was found.

Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith spoke yesterday about this. He said, Janata Bank was once the best bank. But Abul Barakat has finished the bank.

Taxation of the bank

Bank's managing director Abdus Salam Azad said in the first light last week that there are many names in the document. Therefore, not all loans were considered as a group.

Md. Yunus (Badal) himself also came to the Prothom-alo office on Wednesday, he is the one of the institutions.

Talks about these issues were addressed to Janata Bank's chief financial officer (CFO) Nurul Alam. He said in the first light yesterday, "The way the information comes from the loan department, we report it exactly as it is. Similarly, Janata Bank has been reporting the central bank.

According to the bank report, in 2012, the loan of three companies of the Galaxy Group was Tk 676 crore. In the report of 2014, the loan of three organizations of this group was Tk 1,445 crore. However, in the report of 2015, the loan amount of Entex Group Tk 1,125 crore

 According to the year's report, in the year 2016, loans worth Tk 377 crore were deposited in three organizations of Jackard Group, loan of Tk 1,400 crore to three organizations of Ennettex and Tk 415 crore in three organizations of M.H. Gold Jute Mills.

Former Chief Secretary of Prime Minister Sheikh Md. Md. Abdul Khalif finished the three-year term as Chairman of Janata Bank in December last. Wahid-uz-Zaman In the first light on Monday, he said, 'The bank does not see the annual report, what the board sees. Why an organization's debt was shown in the name of different groups, I do not know. But it seems to have been done by motivated. '

Wahid-uz-Zaman also said, "A new loan has not been created in my time. One of the people who had taken all the loans, was able to bring it to the board at the last stages. It was trying to hide it so long. '

What is the policy?

According to the Bangladesh Bank sources, banks will be able to identify which loans as a single group, in the year 2014. Since then there is no scope to create different groups to reduce the debt.

 In the January 2014 policy of the central bank, it is said that if the company's total income or expenditure is 50 percent or more with a single company, then both groups or groups can consider it. In that case, the debt limit given to both companies will be of the highest customer base. Besides, in the export sector, at any one time, up to 50 percent of the funded and non-funded loan capital will be paid. However, the funded liability will not exceed 15 percent of the capital.

It is said in the circular that according to the Revised Bank Companies Act, 1991, the single customer loan limit has been revised for the development of risk management of the bank. Here the funded liability is meant to fund the borrower's debt and non-funded liability, funding, guarantee, acceptance or commitment through funding. But apart from these violations, different groups were formed to show less than ENTETEX related loans.

According to the law

Finance Minister Abul Maal Abdul Muhith has said that he will take action according to law on the biggest scam of single person loan. Replying to a question of the first light after the award of the National Board of Revenue (NBR), the award was given to the top 10 value added tax and prize distribution program in Dhaka International Trade Fair. The program was held in the NBR office in Segunbagicha, Dhaka, which was the Chief Guest as the chief guest. Then, in the first light, the Finance Minister said, "Abul Barkat (former chairman of Janata Bank) gave so much money, I do not know. I know that during his time, big anonymous loans were given. 300 crore, 400 crore taka and bad examples have also been made.

Asked about the Janata bank's own financial crisis, he said, "Where did Abul Barakat get defended?"

While talking to the finance minister, former communications minister Syed Abul Hossain was present at the time. He suddenly asked the Finance Minister, "Which bank?" Finance Minister Syed Abul Hossain said, 'The people said. Barakat ends it

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