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Monday, 5 February 2018

Going to kick the thought

Go to the hell

A local Awami League leader, who was stabbed to death by yaba, was stabbed to death. The police arrested the leader by uncovering the real facts. The police said that he had done such a rash to take revenge for his brother in a case filed under the Dowry Prohibition Act. The incident happened in Chakaria Municipality of Cox's Bazar.

The arrested Awami League leader is Ehsan Ullah (37). He is organizing secretary of Fitting Union Awami League in Chakaria Upazila. His shop owner Osman Gani (27) was arrested in this connection.

Locals and police said that Ehsan Ullah's name was Shefayetunnesa (30). She is the daughter of Oli Ahmad of Matarbari union of Maheshkhali Upazila. Two and a half years ago, he married Ehsan Ullah's brother Ahmad Ullah. They also have a child in their family. Spouse has been struggling for a couple of months. In this case, Shefayetunnesa filed a case against Ahmad Ullah against dowry law. In the meantime, Ahmad Ullah and his brother Ehsan Ullah tried to trace Sheayetunnesa.

On Sunday evening, Ehsan Ullah informed police on a mobile phone that a woman named Shefayetunnesa was walking around the streets of the city's Thakaria municipality, carrying a yaba banner with vanity bags. The police arrested the woman and recovered one thousand yaba pill from her vanity bag. Later on, Shefayetunnesa was able to uncover the real mystery of interrogation and many inquiries about the incident.

Shefayetunnesa claimed that Ehsan Ullah's shop owner Osman Gani put Yaba in his vanity bag. He did not have any idea about what Yaba was. Osman Gani was arrested by police when the police arrested him. Osman Gani later admitted that he had entered Yaba in Shefayetunnesher Bag in the words of Ehsan Ullah. Later, police arrested Ehsan Ullah.

Fitting union president Helal Uddin confirmed the first light on Monday, organizing secretary of Ehsan Ullah Fitting Union Awami League. However, he did not know anything about the arrest of Ehsan Ullah.

Chakaria Police Station sub-inspector (SI) Sukanta Chowdhury said a case has been filed in the Narcotics Control Act by making her husband Ahmed Ullah, Ehsan Ullah and Shop Employee Osman Gani guilty of shielding Shefaftunnesa. Sub-inspector (SI) Enamul Haque has been named in the case.

Chakaria Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Bakhtiar Uddin Chowdhury said Ehsan Ullah and his shop staff were sent to the jail to court today. Police are looking for Ahmad Ullah to arrest him

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