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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

What is the leak of question leaks

During those years, who we were in Haramoniyam during the course of the student life, and sat in the house of Rabindranath Tagore, who was busy playing the poetic play Mayawar, Shyama, Chitrangada or Chandalika, some of them are now retired senior secretaries in the dakshaita, some are sub-complete or imperfect ministers. Private matter Once harmonium is played, it does not have any customer that will play it throughout life. But there is a tale or effect of life in the life of life - the search for thieves is going on in 'Shaniya' dance drama. Minister of the city, technician, Ustad-Sagrada, PS, APS- all the same, thieves must be caught at any cost; That's why everyone sang:

'The robbery has been stolen, the thief wants to do whatever he/she is, whether he is a thief or a thief. Otherwise, modes will be worth!

The value of this survey value is five lakhs. The award will be given if the SSC examination is given to the lecturer. Five million rupees or rupees or dollars, who look at the big kolla or buy a buy, they can find the five lakhs of their tiki? In reality, there is no way to get these thieves to lure - long before the Thakur, the most effective form of Italian thieves was in circulation. According to him, if a thief is to catch a thief, it should be trapped in the air, and the garment should be authentic; if the garland is in the mud, then thieves cannot be found in Kanah - Kanchichi or Paral or the sky; It will not be worth a million rupees - they are not a little thief !!! It is in the sky but it is floating in the sky! Finding such a complicated thief is not a trick, it is difficult to get trapped in the house or in the dark !!! Lalon said,

Dump the thief to get trap in the house.

What is a little smug / Karne kanachi Kanchi?

The thief's fires in the sky / show up in the sky.

If you keep a thief / heart-guard, it is authentic.

Lewd niggardly / keep the thief to touch.

When the whole country is poking a leak, there is a deadly story, the news in the picture, the screen of the TV screen- caught in a school teacher in one of our Zilla schools, while sitting in the school (on examination), he was preparing the solution for the question paper. The magistrate, who is in charge of the examination center, has arrested him; After the arrest of the alleged teacher, he has been given seven-month jail sentence by mobile court; Pandit Sir Heavenly Bipin Bihari Pal; He taught Bengali grammar (2nd letter) in our Zilla School; After receiving the news, his face was flowing repeatedly. Bagerhat was home to her. There he was killed by the invading army in 1971, he always dropped out in Bengal, as a student who dropped his identity with me. He taught us to pass by studying, teaching words and grammar fun, where a teacher teaches at that place, working for the answer to the grandson of a political leader sitting at the examination, can he wash his sin only in a fun prison? What is the rule of government employees discipline?

To stop leakage, now the proposal to withdraw multiple choice questions or Multiple Choice of Conquest (MKQ) has been lifted - even before, it has been reduced by 10 numbers in two phases. Now McClure will fill the vacuum, the cake or the creative question, the creativity of creative questions is the laughter of the creativity? When the creative teacher examines his favorite or political leaders, he prepares answer sheets for students, who will learn from him any creativity from our children?

In fact, those who make policy decisions, do they think about the country, the quality of education, the excellence, the development of merit, the upbringing of conscience? Or want to measure everything with 'tolerable level'? They have not only taken the limit of tolerance to human beings as rumors because they do not fall into the debt of their children and grandchildren because they do not fall in this country!

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