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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Why is the Japanese princess backing her marriage till 2020?

There was no shortage of their love story. Princess Macao is the daughter of Emperor Akihito of Japan. On the other hand, Komuro is the son of a common family. They were supposed to be married in November.

But this marriage is now postponed until 2020.

Officials of the royal family said it would take a lot of time to prepare for the marriage. That's why the program has been delayed.

Princess Mekor is now 26 years old Who is his boyfriend who works in a law firm?

The couple said in a statement that due to lack of adequate preparation, they decided to postpone marriage ceremonies.

King Akihito of Japan is leaving the throne next year. He had already announced this. In the history of the last two hundred years, the first emperor is leaving the throne.

It is said that the royal family will have to be busy with this. It may be a reason to delay marriage ceremonies.

In a statement, Princess Macao said, "I am really sorry to have a big problem for everyone who was helping us organize our wedding ceremony"

When Princess Macao will marry her boyfriend, she will lose her regime. That is, he will not get the honor of the prince. Japan's royal family is said to be married after the retirement of Emperor Akihito, when his son, Prince Raja, will finish the formalities of ascending the throne.

In a magazine in Japan, it was reported that the mother of the Princess Macau boyfriend Mr. Komura has been involved in some financial difficulties. That is the reason behind the marriage.

But this news has been denied by the royal family.

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