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Monday, 5 February 2018

Why the Vat Void Resistor App has stopped?

Bangladeshi national award winner mobile app, VAT checker, has been stopped due to the bureaucratic problem of the government.

The developers of this app have said that VAT checkers are not working due to the National Board of Revenue (NBR), unable to connect to the database in the last two months.

By using the VAT checker app, customers could know at a business or a restaurant like a restaurant or a restaurant, whether the company would be paying VAT to the government.

After obtaining proof of VAT fraud, the customer could complain about the revenue board.

Jubair Hasan, one of the developers of this app, told the BBC that he had been told from the Revenue Board that they will not have access to the NBA database on their start-up company until they get a corporate size.

They spoke at different stages of the government, they have been given various assurances, but they are still not connected to the server.

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After the launch, customers have filed 11,000 complaints to NBR in the last two years using this app.

In this, the government has stopped the revenue scam of at least Tk 200 crore, said Jubair Hossain.

As the best app, VAT checker has been awarded the National Mobile App Awards this year.

As well as last year, it also received South Asian Emblem Award for IT honors.

In this year's International conference in Vienna, Vat Chakkar's entrepreneurs are expected to represent Bangladesh.

In this situation, Jubair Hossain has given an open letter to the Prime Minister on the issue of neutrality so that the VAT checker is restored and requested for nationalization.

When contacted with NBR Chairman Mosharraf Hossain Bhuiyan, he said that they are actively considering whether the app will be introduced or not.

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